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12 Years A Slave

I finally watched 12 Years A Slave, wow such an amazing film, hard to watch, but an amazing story. I can see why it garnered so many award nominations and why it won Best Picture at the Oscars and why Lupita Nyong’o won Best Supporting Actress, she was heartbreaking as Patsey and Chiwetel Ejiofor gave a powerful portrayal of Solomon Northup. Michael Fassbender also showed his acting range as he was truly scary as Edwin Epps.


As part of my St. Patrick’s celebrations I went to watch Leprechaun at the Rainbow Cinemas - Market Square location.

First off I have never been to The Market Square cinema before, but will definitely be heading back there, I will keep checking for events! It’s a cute cinema, feels old fashioned and the staff were so helpful!

And o my God, how have I never seen Leprechaun before, such a brilliant, ridiculous and hilarious movie! I love that it features a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston, she’s made some turkeys in the post Friends period, but if I were her I would be proud of my role in this and she is really the heroine of this movie, fitting in with the whole “…. This is the 90’s…” women are just as tough as men ethos that Tory stands up to Nathan with!

I also love Warwick Davis, Willow is one of my favourite movies and his show with Ricky Gervais, Life’s Too Short was so funny, so it’s great that he is in this movie, you can see it’s Davis behind the Leprechaun costume and you can also hear his English accent, his attempt at an Irish accent is not so good!

Everyone should see this movie, it will just make you laugh out loud so many times and there are sequels!!! Simply trash at it’s best.

World War Z

When World War Z came out at the cinema, I wasn’t bothered about watching it as I had heard that it did not feature much of the beloved book by Max Brooks, (if you haven’t read that you seriously need to). And I had heard how the production had been dogged with re-writes and re-shoots as well as audience distaste for the film, but then after its release and in the end of year roundups, people seemed to have warmed to it and gave it the thumbs up. So I was happy when it popped up on Netflix.

After watching, I think It is a good film, no it does not have much of the book, so it is better to separate the two, and you will get swept up in this enjoyable thrill ride, sort of an end of the world flick, as opposed to a zombie movie.

Brad Pitt plays the hero well, and the relationship between him and the Israeli soldier was something different to the usual fare of the hero and the damsel in distress. Some parts of the film were scary too - Pitt’s reaction when he thinks he may be infected for one and its proper jumpy stuff when they visit the W.H.O. Facility.

I would be interested in watching the original ending, just to see how it differed and where the film was initially going to go. I would definitely watch a sequel, perhaps it would fall more in line with the book as Pitt could search for the origin of the virus and hear the stories of those that survived.

The Walking Dead (SPOILERS)

Ooh The Walking Dead was so good tonight, didn’t want it to end!! So many questions were answered and we know where everyone is now, Judith is alive, Carol is back and Glenn is on his way to find Maggie, yay! Just hope that Daryl and Beth can keep it together and catch up to Carol and Tyreese, sharpish, it looks like Daryl needs his faith rebooted and seeing Carol again would definitely do that.

It was so awesome when Glenn got all dressed up in his riot gear and I loved the shot where we saw everything from Glenn’s point of view through his bloody and smudged riot helmet.

And who are these new guys that have just run into Glenn and Tara? They don’t look like good news……..

The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!)

The Walking Dead returned tonight after the season break and I loved it. So the episode wasn’t full of action, but it was great as we learnt more about the mysterious Michonne, the pets that she arrived on the show with turned out to be her husband and friend and we also discovered she had a child. We watched Michonne take a journey in this episode and thank goodness she found her fight again as she learns to deal with the tragedies and traumas she has faced.

The episode was also important as it brought Carl to the realization that he still needs his dad. It was tough most of the way through this episode watching Rick go through physical and emotional turmoil, but for once it kind of ended on a happier note, Carl and Rick were in a better place and Michonne has found them and you definitely want Michonne by your side in a zombie apocalypse as she knows how to slay those zombies.

We also said goodbye again to Hershel, it was a sucker punch when we saw his zombified head and Michonne had to put him out of his misery.

Can’t wait for next week…….

Big Brother

I’ve watched Big Brother UK and Celebrity Big Brother UK since they started, it’s a show that makes you laugh and cringe and watch in fascination, it’s also had it’s shocking and controversial moments, so it’s a show that always gets people talking. Therefore it’s with great anticipation that I look forward to the launch of the second season of Big Brother Canada, some excellent promos have further built the excitement, I can’t wait see what happens, will there be similarities and differences to the UK ones and of course I can’t wait for the tasks!

This got me thinking about my favorite moments from the UK versions of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother over the years:

Nasty Nick, Big Brother 2000: Nasty Nick was breaking the rules and the moment he finally got found out and was confronted by his fellow housemates round the dinner table is a massive part of Big Brother history.

Brian Dowling, Big Brother 2001: Brian was a great housemate and the moment he was crowned winner was fantastic, he went on to be named the best housemate ever and took over hosting duties from Davina McCall when the show moved to Channel 5.

Sandy, Big Brother 2002: One minute Sandy is in the kitchen the next he had made his escape over the garden wall. A complete WTF moment!

Michelle, Big Brother 2004: Michelle’s fellow housemates thought she had been evicted, but in fact her and Emma were still part of Big Brother and were in a secret room watching everything on their monitor, so when Michelle saw her beau, Stu, getting hit on by another girl, Michelle uttered the immortal words ‘No Naked Jacuzzi’!

Jackie Stallone, Celebrity Big Brother 2005: When Jackie made a regal entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother her ex-daughter-in-law, Brigitte Nielsen, recognized her immediately and shouted ‘it’s Jackie’ to which Jackie gave the now classic reply ‘yeah it’s Jackie’.

The Box Task, Big Brother 2005: Who knew such a simple task could bring such hilarity, the housemates had to stay in a cardboard box with a photo of their face on it for as long as possible and an argument broke out between Derek and Science and the camera just kept panning back and forth between these card board boxes, makes me laugh every time.

George Galloway, Celebrity Big Brother 2006: This was one of the best seasons of Celebrity Big Brother, so many great moments in this one, the romance between Chantelle and Preston and the force to be reckoned with that is Pete Burns, but I have to go with George Galloway assisting Rula Lenska in her task by pretending to be a cat, I’m guessing this won’t be up there with his greatest achievements, but it will never be forgotten

Ziggy & Chanelle, Big Brother 2007: The will they won’t they, does he fancy her, does she fancy him couple of the season led to Ziggy uttering the words that no one wants to hear ‘it’s not you, it’s me babe’ on national television!

Jedward, Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The Irish twins of X Factor fame added many funny moments to this season, including building a toast tower (because of course) and formed an unlikely friendship with Tara Reid.

My first gig in Toronto and the Irish lads, Kodaline, did not disappoint! They rocked The Danforth Music Hall, the passion in Steve Garrigan’s voice was in full force and they even helped with a proposal too!

Kodaline really impressed tonight and it’s hard for me to pick out my favourite song from the gig, Way Back When and Love Like This were incredible fun and inspired lots of foot stomping, but then All I Want, All Comes Down and High Hopes were special, o I just can’t pick!

The clip is High Hopes as the song has a great video featuring the legend that is Liam Cunningham.

I also enjoyed the support act, LP, her voice is something else and sounds a little like Pat Benatar, I definitely want to hear more.

I hope to see Kodaline again soon.

Following on from my previous post where I reminisced about the NKTOB cartoon from the 90s this neatly led on to Jem, another awesome cartoon from my child hood!

Jem was simply the coolest, I believe that it was fashion forward, with some awesome songs and in my opinion a very compelling storyline. Take a look at the intro clip and you will see what I mean.

My parents got me Jem on VHS ( I know!) when I was little and to this day I thought Jem was just a one off movie, so I was shocked to just discover that it was a TV show and had 3 seasons! I really need to catch up on those, DVD hunting here I come!

After catching up on the latest episode of Whalburgers, as well as making me look forward to the opening of the new restaurant in Toronto, it made me nostalgic for the days when Donnie was in New Kids On The Block and reminded me of when I was a kid and I used to wake up early to watch the New Kids On The Block cartoon, just check out the intro - classic!

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